New Beginnings

Alexander Avery

Mon | May 11, 2020

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Introduction to the rebranding of BeetBox

Hello, everyone! I’ve just recently completed my final semester of college, and I am looking forward to the time I will have in the evenings to work on my own projects again.

You may also notice that I am in the process of rebranding from to I feel that change better reflects the official DBA and also gives me room to develop different kinds of software under this name.

Follow this website to catch up on dev-logs

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that a few weeks ago I began working on a concept for a new game. Here I will be posting dev-logs with extra information that you might not be able to find on the Instagram page or YouTube channel.

I have been developing software for many years. I consider myself experienced in systems programming, web programming, and computer architecture. Still, I have not learned as much as I would like to about game development, though it is an area of software engineering that excites me as much as any other.

I hope to show everyone the process I am going through as I learn to develop games without the help of graphical engines that I love, such as Godot or Unity.

Check back for updates soon!

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